Avatar 3D. Take 2.

Feb 19, 2010 | | |

So in an effort to give 3D a fair shake of the stick, I went to see Avatar again today, this time in RealD instead of Dolby3D.
Well what can I say? Firstly, Dolby3D sucks donkey balls so badly they should just give up. Compared to the dull, dim, dreary, nausea-inducing vomit-fest that I tried to watch on Sunday, Avatar in RealD is stunning. It's bright, over-colourful, punchy and the 3D effect is a good 100 times better than the Dolby attempt. What a difference. I couldn't believe it. I was able to make out detail like the rainbow heat sheen on the spaceship exhausts, and the veins in the feathers in the Navi headdresses. On Sunday I could barely tell they were wearing anything it was so bad.

The cinema experience? So-so. There can't have been more than 20 people in the cinema, and there were no kids which was excellent. The projection system - not so much. This one took a dump twice. Actually 5 times if you include the 3 short blackouts. But the two long ones totally probably 10 minutes. Seriously guys - if you want to show 3D, you have got to sort out your bloody projector problems!
The silver lining to that was that as we left the cinema, a member of staff was handing out free tickets for another showing of our choice, and apologising for the projection failure. At the Larry Miller place (Megaplex 12) they didn't even offer up an explanation, much less any free tickets.

Two projection failures - big ones at that - in two shows at different cinemas using different technologies? It's obviously not the exception but the norm for these things to go out mid-show. I gave my raincheck to the guy I went with. I'll not be going back to the cinema any time soon. Clearly 3D projection technology is still too much in its infancy to be put in front of an actual audience.


  1. Paul says:

    I'm pleased that you got to see what people are raving about but sorry that yet again the cinema experience wasn't a good one. Maybe it's Utahrians (not a word but you know what i mean). Here in Houston I go to the movies once or twice a month with my wife and generally have a good experience. I enjoy going.
    Although, I have admit that you got me into trouble at a theater once. This idiot was talking on her cell so i kept kicking her in the back of the seat (as per your post in the rants I think). She stood up and had a go at me! Oh, well. Most people there thought it was funny :-) And she did hang up!