An ongoing rant.

Why is Windows so bloody slow at doing everything? And why does it insist on stealing focus every time a dialogue window appears? OMFG I'm just going to have to kill my operating system.


Paul said…
The question has to be asked, if you dislike Windows so much, why do you keep using it?
Chris said…
Not a lot of choice. At work anyway. I'm considering going to Mac at home on the next move. If I have to start fresh to get Winblows7, I might as well start fresh and get a Mac. After all, it's not like Microsoft would actually allow a migration path from XP to Winblows7. That would just be too bloody obvious.
Anonymous said…
I can't believe that focus stealing bug (I really consider it a bug) still hasn't been fixed in Windows 7.
Paul said…
Fair enough.
Maybe I don't work it hard enough but I've never had any real issues with Windows (XP at work and Vista at home). I've heard W7 is better than Vista so will try that on the home PC when I get the chance.
Mystery Girl said…
Since windows uploaded a security update yesterday firefox keeps hanging and crashing however open the exact same window in IE and guess what it works perfectly.

I. Hate. Microsoft.

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