Jet engine water heater

Our old water heater died a couple of days ago and the plumber came out to fit a new one today. They advised us to go for a powerflow heater which has a force-flow exhaust fan on it. The guy told me it would be quiet enough that it wouldn't be a problem but when they finally turned it on today - well - it's like an X-box, or jet engine. Take your pick. It is LOUD - you can hear it resonating through the whole house. I told them I wasn't happy at all with it and they went back to base and got their manager to give me a call. He was ready to put it right and has ordered a direct-vent heater - same style as the one we replaced but a different brand. They're going to come on monday and swap them over at no extra charge.
But to add insult to injury, looks like our pressure regulator on the main water line has also gone pop and the whole house is at 120psi now. So I need to get a new one of those too :-(


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