Servers on fire everywhere

Jun 15, 2010 | | |

Today was interesting, frustrating, and joyful all at the same time. Starting at 6:30 I began attempting to pre-order my iPhone 4. Apple's servers were already dead and AT&Ts were on the verge of collapse. Nothing was working - visions of campuses and server farms on fire with IT blokes jumping out of windows. About 9:30, a backdoor link appeared on Engadget and holy crap it worked. I got a pre-order in online and received a confirmation email. Being the curious type, I then went back and tried the backdoor link again and lo and behold - the servers were toast. The two other guys in my office trying to order managed to get their orders in after lunch - about 14:00 I reckon and the question now is - when will any of us see the phone? Theoretically, I ought to be OK - AT&T sold out of pre-orders about 12:00 our time so I ought to be on the "gonna get one" list.
We'll see.
Either way, the busiest online sales day in AT&T's history did nothing to help their image with server crashes, network outages, and in-store orders ending up being made with paper and pen.
My guess? On the 24th, the same thing will happen when everyone who did manage to order one, plugs them all in at the same time and starts hammering the AT&T accounts system for verification and setup completion.
Methinks I'll wait a bit if I get mine on that day.