Prop 8

This week a federal judge overturned proposition 8 in California
meaning gay people can now be married there. This has brought out a
lot of hatred and conservative whack jobs. Fox news is going with the
'against the will of the people' approach, which is what most
republicans and conservatives are doing too. What amazes me is that
they'll quote the constitution all the time but they've missed how it
relates to prop 8. You see federal judges are here to protect the
rights and liberties that Americans hold so dear. Proposition 8 was
voted in by California (with added pressure from the LDS here in Utah,
despite them claiming not to have interfered) but it took away a
fundamental right and freedom. The federal judge has rectified that.
Why are so many conservatives so homophobic and how is it they can't
understand that prop 8 was, essentially, diametrically the exact
opposite of everything the constitution stands for. It restricted,
dictated and took away.


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