A skill-filled riding day.

Mike and I went for a ride over Mount Nebo today, then on to Fairview, over Huntington canyon and back, then down past Scofield Reservoir and home. It's a great route and it covers my favourite stretch of motorcycling road - Huntington canyon.
But it was an interesting ride to say the least. We had to contend with, in no particular order:
- tons of cow shit on the road
- cracks with grass growing in them
- a logging truck spewing twigs and splinters off the back of it
- two thunderstorms with rain so heavy we couldn't see much further than the bike windscreens
- half of one of our favourite roads being covered in chip-seal and grit
- sheep
- deer
- cows
- Utah drivers

The weather was awesome for mid-August - it was very autumnal which made the ride that much nicer. I hate boiling in the blast-furnace-like summers here.

Some pics for the curious.


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