Everything comes with a disclaimer

We used to have a cafeteria in our company, back before our old CEO nearly ruined us and laid off 85% of the employees. At that point the cafeteria couldn't make money so it closed. When we were taken over by a company with some money and vision, we got a sort-of-cafeteria back, with some fresh stuff but mostly pre-packed salads and sandwiches, and very stale pretzels. That's gone too now but in its place we're getting something genuinely useful : a fitness centre. Cool.
The official opening announcement email arrived this morning, and in my view was rendered instantly ruined by the inclusion of a release form that we have to sign if we want to use the facilities. This was then backed up by another email with the same release form in it again. In fact the release form is bigger news to our company than the actual gym itself.

Why does nothing in America come "as is" any more? Why is it all backed up with lawyers and threats of legal action? Why does nobody understand what the term "accident" means?

It's a sodding gym - just let people use it. We're all grown adults.


Cameron said…
Every ambulance-chasing lawyer and idiot who sues for the "injury" he sustained in a fender-bender is responsible for the release attached to the new fitness center.

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