US cop displays every stereotype.

State troopers - making people feel welcome wherever they drive.
So this cock is displaying every stereotype you could imagine, from poor speech, to rampant unjustified anger, to a clear lack of understanding of even the most basic concept, like "who's in front". For example, when asked why he was driving at 98mph, the tourist says he was following the car in front. The cop replies "you weren't following anyone. I was in front of you. You were leading the pack".


And cops wonder why so many people hate them.


cdodgyd said…
Seems about right. I'm a Brit and I love the States, but the cops (and airport staff) are a major turn-off for me. They're totally paranoid. I've had similar treatment for (minor) speeding in the States - when they see you're a tourist you can see their ego deflate since there's little they can do! I can beat that too - I was frisked at gunpoint against the side of my van in Palm Springs by the fkers. My crime?....walking about in the evening in a quiet spot to stretch my legs after having driven all day while looking for a motel!

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