89c bargain.

Keeping with the music theme for just a minute, I picked up an absolute steal this week. For the longest time I've been trying to find an MP3 of an ultra-rare mix of a track called 'Jackal'. Turns out it only exists on one CD - a 70-minute continous electronica CD by Tarrentella and Redanka called 'Playback Engineering'. Thanks to Amazon, I picked up a used copy for a whopping 89 cents and in ripping it today, discovered four other tracks on there that I really like. A lot. Turns out these two specialise in doing mixes all layered on top of their signature backbeat. I've heard a couple of tracks over the last few years with this same backbeat - it's unique to these two DJs (here's a sample - loop it and you'll hear their signature backbeat) - and lo and behold, there they are on the CD.
Playback Engineering


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