There's a small DJ outfit that's been around for years now called Hybrid. They do trance and breakbeat mixes - really good ones - and I've always liked their stuff. The weird thing is that I'm discovering they have their hands in more and more of the music I like.
I stumbled across a mix today by Jono Fernandez called 'Colours Of Conscience'. Liked it. A lot. Did a little research and lo and behold - the track I was listening to was heavily remixed by Hybrid. Along similar lines, Pandora radio keeps spewing out tracks I might like - oddly enough all mixed or reworked by the same guys.
So I went back a little way in my MP3 collection and I'll be damned. I have more Hybrid tracks, either mixes or reworks by them, than any other single artist or DJ apart from Armin Van Buuren.
Anyway - if you're into this sort of music - trance, dance, techno or breakbeat, give them a look:

Meanwhile, here's a challenge for you. I have a mix of a track called "Control Factor". It's the Noel Sanger remix, and at the beginning of it, there's about 20 seconds of the track before it in the mix it came from. I'm trying to track that down so if you have any ideas, let me know. All I know for sure is that it isn't off the SummerBreeze 2 album. I suspect it has something to do with Thomas Penton and Luis Duran but I also know it's not off their 'control factor remixes' CD :(


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