The Grand Prix in Brazil yesterday was a bit of a spectacle. It was a hideous wet-weather race with lots of drop-outs, but the worst bit was right at the end. Jensen Button lost control and hit the barrier doing over 120mph. On the way he collected someone else and there was debris all over the track. The marshalls called a full-course yellow and at that point, Fisichella was in the lead, for the first time ever, in his Jordan. Then Fernando Alonso, fuckwit that he is, ignored the yellow flags and came barrelling round the corner and straight into the debris at full throttle. He got airborn, flipped, rolled, hit both walls and totally destroyed his car. They red-flagged the race, and then pulled into play some obscure FIA ruling where a red flag means "race stopped, finishing position as they were two laps previous". ie. Jordan didn't get the win - that bloody Finn got it - Raikonnen. Worse, after Alonso was airlifted to hospital, he actually ended up in third place! He should be stripped of his racing license - he ignored a full-course-yellow and his actions stripped Eddie Jordan of his first place finish.


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