I Went out with Kerry this lunchtime on a blast around the city on the bikes. The weather was great, but already too hot for my summer jacket. I've found a FirstGear jacket I like - it's a ballistic nylon and mesh jacket that is designed to let air through. It has removeable CE armour and feels nice and lightweight too. 140 bux aint bad - I'll take that from my paypal account to cover the cost and get one in silver and black to match the bike. Oh I'm so vain :)
Duploweb still hasn't come back so I've ponied up some cash to lunarpages.com for a full-function website with an anchored domain. I can run both www.chris-longhurst.com and www.christrains.com from the same site, yet to outside visitors, they'll appear to be two different places. I've set up the new DNS records and I'm just waiting for it to propagate across the net.


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