***WAR NEWS*** The firefight for Saddam Airport in Baghdad is ongoing. Apparently it's now in control of the coalition forces, but they're weathering heavy and continued assaults from Republican Guard units. Meanwhile, Saddam has appeared on TV referring to the Apache that went down a few days back. They're still not sure if he's alive though. It's fair to assume that an Apache would go down in this war - they're not particularly good in sandy conditions, so he could have pre-recorded a number of speeches and the Iraqi TV services are airing the most appropriate one.
There's also an investigation been started into how CNN knew the war would start on March 19th. Quite why they need to investigate this is anyone's guess. I knew that was the start date - I think most people did - way in advance. Look back in my blog to March 6th. All it took was a little common sense, watching the news, and listening to GWB's rantings to predict this. In fact, I predicted the war back in August last year - August 19th in fact - precisely 6 months to the day before it started. I mean come on - it wasn't hard to figure out......


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