I stumbled across two websites today whilst google searching for something totally unrelated. I was looking for a picture of an A380 airbus in Lufthansa colours, and one of the sites which showed up was Joe Vialls site. Specifically the page about the Concorde crash. I got reading and it linked in to another site called whatreallyhappened.com. Now both these sites have a definite conspiracy theory bent to them, but they are fascinating to read if only for the provoking questions they raise. Some of the "proof" they have is also fairly good - stuff like the seismic event at the base of the Trade Centre towers 8 seconds before the collapse started. Stuff about the non-existant 757 that hit the pentagon (was it actually an F-16 or a missile?). In turn, I followed a link to another site with more provocative reading called Cosmic Penguin.
With the upcoming Farenheit 9/11 movie about to be released, I think these three websites should be scoured and read from top to bottom to place the right questions in your mind, no matter how left-field the subject matter may seem to be.


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