It seems that the 42% of people who still support El Busho might well be under the influence of the tin-foil hats and the big "COMPLY" transmitter atop the White House. On Fark today, people are discussing what they consider to be a "weird" link to a review of Farenheit9/11. So many of them are taking the view that Moore is a liar, and that there's no point in seeing the film. If they'd unplug from the Republican brainwashing machine for a minute they might see the light.
One chap posted that he wouldn't see F9/11 "even if my life depended on it." The curious thing is, of course, that his life might well depend on it. With El Busho's warmongering past, and his leanings towards invading Iran, Syria and North Korea, if the election doesn't go Kerry's way in November, a third world war would very much make your life depend on it.
Of course that assumes El Busho doesn't rig the election again.


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