My spam filter did a good job this weekend. It seems that a huge penis and nigerian cash are no longer the hot items. M(o)rtgage spam is down too. Now the big thing is extended warranties for cars, and fresh off the spambots this weekend - home security systems and alarms.
I can't understand why spammers continue their trade. Given that nobody ever buys anything off them then somewhere, there's an open-loop system that simply has to crash. The companies are paying spammers for their "facilities" presumably expecting people to buy their products. But nobody is, so sooner or later, shouldn't the mafia be going after the spammers for bad business and taking their money?

And what is it with Jessica Simpson. Not satisfied with a godawful slaughtering of "Take My Breath Away", she's got the long knives out now and is putting her peculiar brand of talentless publicity whore to Robbie William's "Angels". Admittedly she's easy on the eyes, but she's as dumb as a post and can't sing worth a damn. And given the sheer number of covers she's doing, she apparently doesn't have a creative bone in her body either.


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