WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A senior House Democratic lawmaker was skeptical on Sunday of a Bush administration idea to obtain the authority to delay the November presidential election in case of an attack by al Qaeda. U.S. counterterrorism officials are looking at an emergency proposal on the legal steps needed to postpone the presidential election in case of such an attack, Newsweek reported on Sunday.

Ok I'm officially impressed. I truly did not see that one coming, but it's an awesome plan to get El Busho to stay in office without being re-elected. My hat is off, Prez. So how to do it?
Hmm. Well, feed the press increasing stories about "chatter" and "threats" of terrorist attacks. That will get everyone scared again. Then right at the end of October, fabricate and carry out a massive attack and blame it on Al Qaeda and/or Iran and/or Syria. Something big - I don't know. Let's say a bulk cargo ship loaded with hundreds of pounds of conventional explosives and depleted uranium, floated up the Potomac and detonated close (but not too close) to the centre of Washington.
That will be enough to declare a state of emergency and put off the elections indefinitely. It also would handily "justify" the policy of stopping all ships from coming into American waters without being searched.
Of course after such a horrific attack, who'd want to change presidents? Why not let him finish what he's started before holding an election? That way El Busho gets to invade Syria and/or Iran and/or N.Korea too. Never mind that pesky Constitution thing. What the Hell did the founding fathers know when they limited a president's term to 8 years. Pff. We don't need that silly regulation any more.

Meanwhile, military payroll records that could more fully document El Busho's whereabouts during his service in the Texas Air National Guard were inadvertently destroyed, according to the Pentagon. In a letter responding to a freedom of information request by The Associated Press, the Defense Department said that microfilm containing the pertinent National Guard payroll records was damaged and could not be salvaged. The damaged material included payroll records for the first quarter of 1969 and the third quarter of 1972.

That's awfully convenient.


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