Coalition casualties now only 1000 less than WTC deaths.

Here's an interesting number. The total number of coalition casualties in Iraq is now 1774. The number of people killed in the WTC attacks was 2749. That puts B*sh only 975 dead troops away from the Iraq war costing America as many lives as the WTC attacks themselves.
In fact if you take into account Afghanistan as well, the total count is 1954 dead and 6624 maimed and injured.
Those are some pretty impressive numbers for a revenge war based on a lie. Not nearly so impressive as the damage done in retaliation though. By an independent count, at least 65,586 KILLED and 168,134 maimed or injured.
Nicely done Dubya, nicely done. You're now the most bloodthirsty President in American history. Congratulations. Your War Criminal Gold Cross is in the mail.


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