Jennifer Wilbanks - crazy-eyed cracker.

Seems that the spineless John Mason still wants to marry his runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks. Frankly, he should wait, because that woman needs to do a short spell in jail to make her learn not to waste everyone's time. OK people get nervous before their weddings. But there's a really big freakin' difference between simply not turning up, and phoning in to say you've been kidnapped. This woman clearly needs some time in a mental institution too.
She's cried wolf now and this is bad on two fronts. First - if she ever does actually get kidnapped, nobody will believe her. Second, those people who have legitimately been kidnapped, will now be doubted until it could be too late.
Not to mention that in this post Mark Hacking world, where gormless twats hack up their wives and claim they've been kidnapped, this UFO-eyed woman managed to get the police and feds looking directly at her hubby as a potential murderer.
And after all that, would you believe he forgives her ???? Is the guy a complete and total tool? Jason, mate - she was setting you up for a MURDER charge! You don't forgive people for wasting a couple of hundred thousand bucks of city money, plus police, feds and volunteer time. Forgiveness is for things like spilling milk, crashing the car, burning dinner etc. It's not for psychotic hose-beasts who are trying to fit you up for murder.
If I were him, I'd be running to another country and changing my name so this psychotic woman could never find me again!!!!!!


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