Equifax crying.

Equifax's chief executive says he opposes federal legislation that lets consumers obtain a free copy of their credit report to help them monitor financial accounts for fraudulent activity. CEO Thomas Chapman called the legislation unconstitutional and un-American because it cuts into profits that Equifax earn from selling credit reports and monitoring services.
"Our company felt, and still does ... that it's unconstitutional to cause a public company who has a fiduciary responsibility to return profit to shareholders to give away the product," Chapman said. "Most of my shareholder group did not think that giving away our product was the American way."

Interesting. So he's admitted, that like all private companies, Equifax has no regard for its customers and is sheltering its shareholders instead. If Chapman had his way, he'd make everyone pay for their credit reports, which is a great disincentive to keep tabs on your credit, which could lead to identity theft that you don't know about.

Chapman has shown with this statement that he could care less about the American public as long as he and his shareholders get their dividends.


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