The trouble with War... that you just can't get the recruits. There was a funny story last night on the news about how the number of college-leavers joining the military was "disappointingly low" this year. The government don't seem to understand why, so they're introducing a sign-up bonus of $30,000 payable upon return from tour of duty. There's only a couple of problems with that. The first is that you could end up dead, in which case you don't come home, meaning they won't pay out. The second is the back-door-draft of continually extending tours-of-duty meaning you don't come home, meaning they don't pay out.
Apart from that, the plan is a surefire winner.

At least in the red states.


Anonymous said…

Love this stuff, but I am not getting any of the pictures. Maybe some sort of permissions problem...
Anonymous said…
Love this stuff, keep it coming. But the pictures never load. Maybe you have a permissions problem.
Chris said…
Weird. I just tried it from a couple of other computers and the pics all show up OK. I've got blogger listed as "allowed" in my hotlink protection system - don't know why they're not showing up for you.
Have you right-clicked on a broken image and done "show this image" ?
Chris said…
oh wait - "www." was missing on one of the entries :-)

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