French riots spreading?

Copycat rioters have torched vehicles in Germany and Belgium tonight, probably trying to leverage the news coverage of events in France. If the government there don't do something dramatic, and quick, their rioting could spill over into other countries proper. I don't see much coverage of it in the US press yet - after all it's only been two weeks and it doesn't directly involve the US. But they should be watching it very carefully. If people are hijacking muslim faith as an excuse to riot in France, how long will it be before some lunatics do the same here? Wars have started for less than this.
And the crazy thing is they're rioting for nothing. Two African kids were caught stealing car parts, they ran from the police and tried to hide in an electricity substation where they electrocuted themselves. Now why are people rioting because of that?
The answer is that it's not because of that but it's using that event as a catalyst to release pent-up anger and frustration against the government. The peasants are, in fact, revolting.


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