I stumbled upon a website today whilst looking for info on GPS receivers, which seems like it might be quite a laugh. is a worldwide GPS-based scavenger hunt of sorts. The idea is simple. You create a cache with something in it and include a log book, then hide it somewhere and post the GPS coordinates on this site. Other people can then try to find it. When they do, they sign the logbook, take something out and/or add something to the cache, then put it back for others to find.
There are "hitchikers" which are items which travel from one place to another. For example you can place something in your cache and put a note on it telling the next finder to move it somewhere else. When they find your cache, they take it and place it in the next one that they find, and so on and so forth. Some items have been around the world already.
I think I might try to find one of the local ones this weekend for a laugh.


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