Kicking Microsoft whilst they're down.

Because I love to kick Microsoft whenever I can, I thought this was a nice little story today. A new study by Nielsen Entertainment shows that the PS3 has more going for it than anyone expected, most of all Microsoft. Desperate to get a chunk of the gaming market, Microsoft rushed their Xbox 360 to market complete with flaws and crashes. Sadly for them, the Neilsen study has shown that over 50% of gamers aren't buying the Xbox 360, instead choosing to wait for the PS3 before making a decision.
This feat is enormous for Sony, considering there hasn’t been any official announcements or advertising. Consequently it's terrible news for Microsoft who believed that being first would win them the business. It's going to be a classic case of second mouse to the trap getting the cheese. Sony can bide their time safe in the knowledge that when the PS3 is released, it's going to whip Microsoft's ass.


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