Mealy-mouthing in Washington.

You know things are going badly when one of the Four Horsemen starts quibbling about the definition of a word. Rumsfeld today decided that the insurgents in Iraq should no longer be referred to as 'insurgents' because he says it gives them too much legitimacy. (I'm sure they care about legitimacy).
Suggested alternatives are "the terrorists", "the enemies of the government", "anti-Iraqi forces", "Enemies of the legitimate Iraqi government", "foreign terrorists", "Saddam loyalists", "Sunni Arab rejectionists", "criminals" and plain old "people that do it for money."
That last one is my favourite. Because obviously people who blow themselves up are doing it for the money. I mean what else are they going to use to buy their Gucci when they're a smouldering collection of hundreds of pieces of burning flesh?

Donald mate - it doesn't matter what you call them. Changing the words used to describe them isn't going to make the occupation of Iraq go any easier.


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