Jim's been fired!

Holy shit! The board fired Jim!

The official press release says he resigned, effective immediately. In other words, they fired him.
Normally, if a CEO resigns, the board would ask him to stay on whilst they find a replacement. In this case, they haven't, so it's clear what has happened. Pity it's 10 years too late and for the wrong company, but better late than never.
After the layoff last year, I told my boss I would stick with him - I'd either be the last one out and turn off the light, or be the one who handed Jim his ass on a plate.

As it happens, IT let me be the one to unplug Jim's account and terminate his T1 line today, so the second option is as close to coming true as I can make it. It was strangely empowering to know I was the one who disconnected Jim Oyler.


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