"Ted" in Delhi

So the Cherry tree has finally grown almost totally in front of our satellite dish. Whilst deciding whether to move the dish myself or not, I stumbled on an offer on Dish network's site - $78 to upgrade to a dual-tuner DVR. Nice. Especially if I could get an engineer to come and move the dish at the same time.
So I called the 1-800 number and got through to "Ted".

In Delhi.

Well to cut to the chase, I could barely understand a word he said that wasn't one of the pre-set catchphrases. For example he kept telling me he'd put me on hold so that he could maximise his resources to get to the bottom of my problem. I wasn't aware that offering to pay them money was a problem, but it might have been. So I think he's booked an engineer to come out on thursday morning to move the dish and drop off a dual-tuner DVR for the paltry sum of $78.

Although I'm actually not sure quite what's going to happen.


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