Oh come ON!

A brief list of my day:
- had to use internet exploder today on a site that didn't like Firefox. Because of that piece of shit software, the laptop got infected with a ton of spyware that took me three hours to clean off.
- was backing up both PCs on to an external hard drive when the power went out - had to start again.
- was nearly killed by some Asian woman on her cellphone, driving her SUV. Apparently red lights didn't mean anything to her.
- wasted nearly 2 hours of my life watching Dukes of Hazzard. Oh. My. God. I was glued to it because I didn't believe it could be that bad - it HAD to get better. Eventually it did - things improved when the screen went black and the credits rolled.
- finally got to backing up my PC and the power supply failed, had to buy a new one and pay the "late night idiot" price.

Someone tell me why I got out of bed this morning....


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