Racketeering at the airport

There's another part of yesterday's saga which is worth recounting.
So the security screeners are taking everyone's drinks off them coming through security. Inside the "secure area", there are shops and stalls, so I went and bought a new bottle of water.
Get this.
At the gate, as we entered the jetbridge, there was another TSA pinhead taking people's drinks off them again.

So let me get this straight : if he's taking people's drinks off them, that by default they must have bought after coming through security, the implication is that either:
(a) the "secure area" is a total waste of time
(b) the security check is a total waste of time
(c) the vendors in the "secure area" are all supplying us with bomb-making materials

This is totally out of control. And I don't think it's any coincidence that this has happened as we're getting closer to the mid-term elections here in America. Keep people scared.


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