Bush's memory shrinks to goldfish proportions.

Yesterday: Bush tells everyone (again) that the democrats war funding plan (linked to a troop withdrawl) is bad for the troops in Iraq because it would make the dems responsible for extending all the tours of duty, a move which Bush stated in no uncertain terms was "unacceptable to me, unacceptable to veterans and unacceptable to military families." A rousing speech to be sure, which he triumphantly punctuated by saying "In order for this country to be credible, when the president says something, he must mean it."

Today: Bush's secretary of defence, Bob Gates extends all the tours of duty from 12 to 15 months.

To put this into perspective, on thursday last week, White House officials admitted that Bush was unaware of defence plans to immediately extend Army combat tours when he originally began criticising the Democrats budget plans. So he became aware of that on thursday yet yesterday apparently had forgotten all about it again. Only to be reminded of it again today.


I'm not sure what's more worrying - that he doesn't remember stuff from last week or even yesterday, or that he wasn't aware of what his own defence secretary was doing in the first place. The President is, after all, only the commander in chief - why would he know what his military was doing?

To add a twist to the already inserted knife, we also found out today that 5 4-star generals have turned down Bush's new "War Tsar" position too stating that "the government doesn't appear to know what they're doing".
The War Tsar would cut through all the bureacracy because apparently, bureaucracy is why America is losing so badly. In fact, to try to make the position more appealling (I guess), Bush is changing the name to 'execution manager.' Seriously - I'm not making any of this up!

Moving swiftly on then.....


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