This "God Is My Copilot" thing has to stop.

Living in Utah as we do, we're surrounded by mormons - lots of them. And for the most part they appear to live by the driving rule that "I'll be OK because God is looking after me". Well you know what? That's a flawed policy. Basing your fate whilst driving on the Greatest Work Of Fiction ever written is a really bad idea because you know what? Quote-unquote God isn't watching over you. The number of mormons killed in traffic accidents every day ought to be as good an indicator as any of that fact.
And another thing - indicate then brake. Don't suddenly stomp on the brakes in the middle lane and then indicate your intentions. Because next time you might be being followed by another mormon who also believes they'll be just fine no matter what. And when two drivers with the same flawed attitude, both not concentrating, try to take up the same piece of road, you're both going to die.

Better yet, if it looks like you're going to miss your turn because you were asleep / on your cellphone / breast-feeding on of your huge litter of mormon kids, then here's an idea - use your fucking head and go to the next intersection and turn around.

I've never known ABS come on on a dry road before. Quick reactions on my part, some fine Honda engineering and an empty road behind me saved the stupid fucking mormon woman in the silver Dodge Neon in front of me. Not God.

And yes, she was a mormon. The LDS stickers all over the back of her stupid car were a dead giveaway.


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