JDM In Singapore

Whilst I was in Singapore I noticed a lot of sweet JDM tuner cars on the streets. Some louder than others, a couple with neon underlighting. The one that really struck me as super cool was a jet black 2007 Honda Stream MPV. I've never seen the Stream before - turns out it's an Asian market only vehicle. But it's nice. Really nice, especially when done out in subtle JDM tuner stylee. The windows were blacked out all around, it had black and chrome wheels and about a 10cm lowering kit in the suspension. It looked like it had a Mugen exhaust which means I guess the owner likely had a Mugen cold air induction kit in it too. Searching the 'net my bet is that the owner was a member of the Singapore Stream Owners Group (linkypops).
I wish I'd known what I was looking at and had chance to take a photo but it was only the second or third time I'd seen a Honda Stream.


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