We watched 'Blink' - an episode of the new Doctor Who - a couple of nights ago, and I'm still thinking about it. It was without a doubt the best episode of a science fiction TV series I've ever seen. It dealt with the vagaries of time travel in an equisitely blunt fashion rather than trying to spoon feed it to you. The story was excellent as were the villains - the weeping angels. They managed to ratchet up the creepiness factor to a full on 10 for these guys. I wouldn't be surprised to find people in England going around treating stone angels and gargoyles with more than a hint of suspicion for the next couple of weeks.

Oh - and when they go looking for a new companion, unless they can rescue Rose from the alternate universe (oh please - bring her back), they should go with the Sally Sparrow character. She would make a perfect Doctor Who companion.


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