Four and twenty days ago...

Title and artist please. From 1986, a little challenge for my Dutch friend in Italy....

Close to you I'm hypnotised
Baby turn your key in my door
Drowning in a sea of love
Wash away the heartaches I wore

Never let me down
Never let me go
Baby now I go
Baby now I'm sure
Who could ask for more......


Plus a bonus. For those not intimately familiar with Italo, an audio quiz. Title, band, year please, and this is an easy one cos' the clip is quite long: (you'll need flash installed)


Anonymous said…
Meccano - Activate my heart (B-side was in Italian, called Ipnotica).
The year was 1986
Anonymous said…
Was finally able to listen to the other bit you put on. I guess it is Duran Duran with A view to a kill, 1985.
Do I now qualify for the 64000 $ question?

Pat, Italy
Chris said…
Right, and right, and sadly there is no $64,000 dollar question. There might be a 64¢ question....
Anonymous said…
Mwaw Ok, keep them coming!!
Nice new roof :-)
BTW Little news: Mike is getting married (finally)...

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