No more insects between the fingers.

I picked up some BMW R1150GS handguards this morning and spent an hour or so wrangling them on to the handlebars of the Tiger. They actually fit really well, and with the cutouts for the cables, all the electrical, throttle, brake and clutch cables fit neatly through the handguards. Everything still moves nice and freely so I don't think I've buggered up any of the cables. The nice thing is that it means the handguards will collect the dead bugs now instead of them getting wedged between the fingers of my gloves. Plus, on cold mornings, the wind blast is now diverted over and around my hands just like it was on the beemer.
It's odd that Triumph don't do 'official' handguards for the Tiger. Everyone on the forums is busily fitting KTM and BMW ones, so there's a definite market for them.
But what do I know? I'm just a consumer.


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