Scariest article ever.

The top ten reasons why Bush will invade / bomb Iran

If this happens, it'll be the last mistake any world leader ever makes. Bush is too immature to resist using nukes and with his doctrine of "pre-emptive war", you just know he's going to try to turn Iran into a glass parking lot with his "Fuck the rest of the world" attitude.

I would say "I dare you" but I don't, because Bush is retarded enough to actually do it. He has no concept of consequences, and doesn't understand that if he does, Russia will evaporate most of the major cities in America for him.

We can't afford for Bush to serve out the rest of his term. Something has to be done to remove him from power, and fast, or we're all going to regret his pitifully low IQ and Texas attitude towards life. Let's not forget he went on TV this week and told us Nelson Mandela was dead.

You can't win a war on terrorism - anyone with any common sense knows this and only a fool could truly believe a war on terrorism is winnable. Unfortunately, Bush is that fool. The only thing missing from that list is point 11 : Bush thinks it's The End Days. He's turned into a religious nutcase and it using God as his excuse now. That makes him no better than those he seeks to destroy.

I guess now we know the real reason he wanted the Divine Strake nuclear analogue test in Utah - it wasn't for Iraq, it was to see how large a nuke he could afford to drop on Iran.


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