Mormons On Ice - Pt.2.

I'm not sure I'll ever understand why Utah drivers do what they do. Following last night's blizzard, we got up this morning and the roads were all clear - well done UDOT for getting the plows out while everyone was asleep. In some cases, the roads had been cleared so long that they were actually dry. So why the hell was everyone doing 5mph? Deep, drifting snow - they all do 60mph and drive into each other. Clear roads but snow in the air - they all do 5mph and clog up the streets.
Worse are those who are so damn lazy they just won't clear the snow off their windows and drive around looking out of a little clear spot front and rear. How difficult is it? Really? Swish - there - the whole window is clear. My favourites are those who are so incredibly lazy that they don't clear the snow from in front of their radiators. I see them every snow day, standing at the side of the road, hood up, with steam pouring out of their radiators because the snow and ice on the front bumper cut off the airflow to their radiators.
People are so lazy - March Of The Morons.


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