***WAR NEWS*** A US missile has hit and destoryed a Syrian bus, killing 5 civilians and wounding 10 more. They claim they were targetting a bridge and that the bus "just stopped" in the middle of it after the missile had been launched. Syria has launched a protest to the US and UK citing violation of the Geneva convention (protecting civilians) and claiming recompensatory damages from both governments.
The downed Apache pilots have been paraded on TV, yet the pentagon still officially takes the line that they've not been shot down.
A second errant US cruise missile has devastated a civilian area in either Turkey or Israel - reports are muddled right now. This war is starting to show its ugly ugly face to the world. Investors are getting nervous because the war wasn't over by friday (duh!). The media wars have also started, Al-jazeera accusing the pentagon of not showing how horrific this war is turning out to be, and Rumsfeld saying that it is regrettable that some TV stations have shown the images in the first place. CNN is becoming more sterile by the day, carefully managing what we can and can't see.
Salam Pax is back online. They had a two day internet blackout. He still has running water, phones and electricity. Apparently his blog is taking such a hit that he's started slowing down google. Google, blogger and blogspot have pitched in with mirror sites to ensure his blog is available as long as he can keep it going.
Meanwhile, Bush has attacked Putin about Russia's supply of certain military items to Iraq, and we lost the first Brit in actual combat today, as oppose to being killed by US fire.


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