The cellphone disease.

Someone asked me today for my cellphone number. I replied "Well I've got one but its never turned on unless we're using it to call out."
The response was "oh, why?" but the tone of voice was as if to say "I'm sorry to hear you've got cancer".
I don't get it. It's becoming a social stigma. If you don't have a cellphone, people treat you like you're somehow diseased, as if there's something hideously wrong with you.
Here's a newsflash : from my perspective, if you can't live without your cellphone and simply must speak on it everywhere you can, then you are the one with the disease - there's something wrong with you, not me. Apart from the fact that you're irradiating your brain at close quarters every time you use it, I'd like to know how you can't live without a piece of technology which until 10 years ago really wasn't available to the public.


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