Battlefield 2 and NVidia Geforce4

This is unbelievable. EA have deliberately excluded everyone with NVidia Geforce4 graphics cards from being able to play their new game "Battlefield 2". They claim that because it used pixel shader 1.3 and not 1.4, they wouldn't make it compatible.
This is an inexcusable oversight from EA. What the hell do they think they're playing at? Cutting off their nose to spite their face is one guess. If you look at the survey Valve did on gamers and their cards, this chart shows the number of people currently gaming on cards EA have chosen not to support.

Do the maths. That's 729,595 gamers EA have deliberately excluded. At $60 a pop, EA have pissed away $4.3M in potential sales with this move.

This is - I - its - I - calm down, go to your happy - NO - WHAT THE FUCK, EA??????? Are you insane? You want us to shell out $60 for a game, then upgrade our cards for another $300? That is the most retarded marketing idea I've ever heard of. There is nothing wrong with the Geforce4 cards, of course. They're only a single step behind the current top-end gaming cards. But EA want everyone to upgrade simply for the "priveledge" of playing Battlefield 2.
My vote : fuck 'em. Pirate the game as much as you can. Sell it, give it away, distribute it on the torrents. EA deserve to crash and burn for this move.


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