Captain Scarlet

In an idle moment, I searched for Captain Scarlet on the torrents, and the first ten episodes showed up. Couldn't find 11-13 though, but ten is better than none, which is what we'll get here in America (because nobody will show it).

This is the whole problem with the MPAA. Lets use Doctor Who, or Captain Scarlet as the example. They're both TV series made in the UK and shown on English TV. No networks over here picked up either series so they will never air on TV in America. In England, both series came out on DVD.
So I have two options to watch these shows. I either buy the DVDs, which of course are region-encoded and NTSC. This means I need a region-hacked multistandard DVD player to watch them, which in the eyes of the MPAA is illegal.
So the second option is that I download them from the torrents instead, which in the eyes of the MPAA is illegal.

It leaves viewers like me with no choice. I can't get to see the show legally because there is no method available. So I have to download it. There's no other option. So how can the MPAA justify making that be illegal? Do they suggest that we simply don't watch stuff that we want to? Doesn't that rather fly in the face of the American concept of freedom?


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