People have no dignity.

This coming monday is big trash day. All sorts of stuff is out at the kerb waiting to be taken away. Yet it seems there's a lot of people now who just have no dignity left, and take great pleasure in digging through other people's trash and taking stuff away.
For example : our old ladder with a missing rung and another which was broken - someone took that and will no doubt hurt themselves when they fall off it. That's why it was there, because it was trash.
Then there's the box that had our BBQ in it. I emptied out my garage wastebasket into there which means it is full of broken glass, knife blades, a mower blade, nails, screws, rusty shards of metal, wood etc, and the whole lot is covered in a carcinogenic, highly toxic weed killer (from a leaking bottle). I sealed the box up and put it at the kerb, and sure enough, some white trash came along and popped the box open and started digging through it. I guess they'll be in the emergency room tonight then with cuts filled with toxic weed killer.
It's sad to see how many people have so little dignity that they'll do this.


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