The FIA again

I just can't believe this. The FIA have had the gall to now charge all 7 teams who pulled out of the American Grand Prix!
The charges given are that, according to the FIA, each team:
• failed to ensure that they had a supply of suitable tyres for the race
• wrongfully refused to allow their cars to start the race
• wrongfully refused to allow their cars to race, subject to a speed restriction in one corner which was safe for such tyres as they had available
• combined with other teams to make a demonstration damaging to the image of Formula One by pulling into the pits immediately before the start of the race
• failed to notify the stewards of their intention not to race, in breach of Article 131 of the FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations.

This is just sheer lunacy. Why can't the FIA see that it is to blame for this. There's no gray area hear. No if's and's or but's. The FIA are 100%, totally to blame for this farce and now they're going to charge 7 teams because they pulled out for the safety of their drivers.
This is so damaging to F1 it's painful to watch :-(


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