I know I've been riding motorbikes since 1988, and I've pretty much seen every display of bad driving from cagers, but once again this morning, I was given a graphic demonstration of how car drivers are blind, and never ever accept responsibility for their actions. Coming up I-80 on the outside with a line of traffic on the inside lane. As we get into the corner towards Parleys canyon where I-215 splits off, a gold-ish yellow Mazda indicates once and pulls out into the outside lane right in front of me. I had two choices - split lanes and overtake between him and the Fedex van, or run into the back of him. I split lanes and got around him, and flicked him the universal sign for "you're number one" with my left hand as I got past. At which point he leans on the horn and flashes his lights at me. Because obviously I'm to blame for him not using his eyes / mirror / brain.

Fucking cagers.


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