The real reason cinema numbers are down.

Hollywood, the MPAA and movie industry as a whole are looking at a downturn in cinemagoer numbers, and to them, it's a mystery. (To the MPAA of course its because we're all criminals pirating movies left right and centre.)

The real reason is far simpler, naturally. As part of the moral decay of society - the lack of social grace, the loss of common decency and courtesy, and the ever present cellphone infection, the reason people are not going to the cinema so much is because of all the irritations. The crying babies, the cellphones and pagers, and most irritating of all, the fucktards who talk all through the movie. Not just here and there, but a running commentary from the first frame to the end of the credits.
When we went to watch War Of the Worlds, we were hemmed in on both sides by two couples in their 40s and 50s who should have known better. But no, the wives of these respective couples yakked and chatted to their hubbies all through the movie. In the end, I had to turn to the one on my side and tell her to STFU or I'd do it for her.
The thing that pissed me off the most wasn't so much the talking as the fact that I had to tell her to shut up. She couldn't figure out for herself that she was in a cinema where people paid money to watch a movie, not to listen to her blathering on about how she didn't understand anything. Worse still, her totally ineffective husband didn't have the common decency to shut her up either.


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