Suicide bombers in England could have been arrested before.

It wouldn't surprise me to wake up in the morning and find England on fire. The police have stated that the London bombers were Muslims of Pakistani origin, had been born and brought up in Britain. It seems now that all 4 were suicide bombers.
The worst news is a developing story (Reuters) that three of them have been arrested by the police in the past. The bombers' background has become the subject of a high-profile spat between London and Paris, with Home Secretary Charles Clarke denying comments by his French counterpart that British police had arrested some of the suspects in the past. "It is completely and utterly untrue. I am absolutely staggered he should make that assertion," Clarke told Sky TV. Comments like that are Bad. They indicate denial. Worse still, a British police source said it was possible some of the men might have come to the attention of police in the course of normal criminal investigations.

The English of today aren't known for their racial tolerance, and the racial tension in England is bad enough already. I suspect a lot of mosques will attacked and vandalised now, and I suspect large swathes of the middle-eastern community will become victimised because of this. I forsee riots like England has never known before :-(

It would have been so much better if this had been the IRA.


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