From bad to worse : New Orleans is no more ?

In the wake of Katrina, the obvious but unthinkable has happened - the levees surrounding New Orleans have given way. 80% of the city is now under 20 feet of water, steadily filling up from Lake Ponchartrain. Worse - the concrete levees surrounding the city centre, designed to keep the sea out, are now keeping the lake water in so drainage is all but impossible. Both airports are now underwater too. The interstate is in pieces, the flooding is now 6 miles inland. All the previous shelters are now being evacuated along with all the hospitals via airlift. A 50-inch water main break has left the city without drinkable water, and the massive power outages have cut off 1.7M people. Gas main have exploded and parts of the city not underwater are now on fire. In Alabama, most of the state is without power, and the tail end of Katrina spawned three F-4 tornados which have done even more damage.


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