More aftermath of Katrina

New Orleans was today ordered to be completely evacuated. The death toll is now thought to be in the thousands, and the floodwaters are filled with dead bodies, raising fears of typhoid and cholera.
Meanwhile the "experts" are preparing the public for the $4 gallon of gas. Apparently there simply isn't enough oil to meet demand. Seems that even the 700M barrels B*sh has in the strategic oil reserve won't help.

Wait - 700 million barrels?

What the fuck, B*sh? You bitch and whine about oil being in short supply, and then turn around and tell us you have 700 MILLION barrels of oil just sitting there in reserve? You hyppocritical son of a bitch. There is plenty of goddamn oil - its the lack of refining capacity and the goddamn Iraq adventure which are driving prices up.
The strategic oil reserve has the equivalent of 59 days of US imports and can be run at 4.4M barrels a day for 90 days if necessary. It takes about 13 days for the oil to hit the markets as petrol after the order to do so, so if the prices of petrol are still high 13 days from now, we'll know the oil companies are profiteering again.

Hurricane Katrina my arse. I have all the sympathy in the world for the victims of the hurricane, but for B*sh and the oil companies to cry foul and put the price of petrol up using this disaster as an excuse is simply deplorable. So what if Exxon and the others lost a couple of oil rigs? They all reported record profits in the first two quarters of this year. Exxon alone is up 32% on last year at $7.64Bn (yes, Billion) pure profit. Dig into that cash Exxon - screw the shareholders - use some of the money to sort out platforms and refineries. It's hardly a surprise that in a year when you doubled the cost of gas at the pump that you're reaping obscene (and what should be illegal) profits from it. Spend a little more of that money helping the American public out and a little less lining the pockets of board members and greedy shareholders.


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